ParcelWorks is a specialist international parcel delivery network which allows us to focus on what we do best. Therefore you get a cheap, reliable shipping solution built on experience.

Cost Effective

By providing a bespoke service we can keep the costs to a fraction of an international courier which makes sending a parcel internationally much more of a viable option than it was before.

Fully Tracked

Our Solutions are fully tracked so you will be able to track the parcels’ journey end to end.


Retailer Ready

The combination of destination countries, duty management, returns management and our unique software means that ParcelWorks is ideal for retailers and SMEs.

International – Cost Effective – Fully Tracked – Delivery Duty Paid

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What We Do & Why We Do It

ParcelWorks is a specialist UK international parcel delivery service. It is the perfect solution for SME and individuals looking to send parcels internationally. We offer a secure & reliable end to end service which includes competitive duty inclusive rates, drop off & collection options and a returns management solution.


Yes! You can register yourself and start shipping today. However if you are a retailer sending more than 200 parcels a month you may wish to contact us first.
Absolutely. You will find that our service will be cheaper than you may have been used to in the past as we are able to create a unique carrier network.
No. We select the best carrier combination  so we can offer a single network per country destination.
You can ship a single parcel or as many as you like. Our software has been tried and tested on large volumes and it specifically designed with both ad-hoc users and retailers in mind.
Yes, our software is free to use. You only pay quoted charges for shipping & duty when you book a shipment.
Please read our more detailed FAQ section here

Payment Methods Accepted