Baby Boutique Goes State Side

A while ago Edward and his wife, Jane contacted ParcelWorks as their eBay store for baby clothes was getting a lot of orders from the US.

Given their product types, they needed a retail solution rather than an express and or mail solution. The eBay global shipping program was one solution but the duty administration charges seemed high, and the shipping costs could not be negotiated. With ambitions of developing their own website they were looking for a solutions they could use across both platforms.

Being a small business they wanted to focus on the county where most of their international enquiries were coming from i.e USA.

Our solution for them was ideal. We opened up an account the same day, after a short demonstration of our shipping platform on Skype Edward and Jane were able to manually enter their orders, calculate any duty payable and print their shipping labels.

American customers are very sensitive to having to import duty and are notorious for rejecting deliveries where unexpected duty was due. Our duty managed service eliminates this issue and reduces the amount of rejected parcels.

With a 100% successful delivery record to the USA in 2015 (across all our clients) our services are very reliable and retailers can be reassured further with our £50 included insurance on all destinations.

For Edward and Jane, we monitored their initial consignments end to end, as we do all new clients, which allowed us to help them manage their customers’ expectations. We could also pre-warn them if there were any delays at customs (there were not).

This is what Edward had to say about our services:
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“ParcelWorks Plus is an ideal solution for our products and being a fully tracked service we know our products will reach our customers and will do so without any unexpected charges applied. Excellent customer service too.”