Signed For, Soon To Be Delivered

ParcelWorks is very pleased to announce that the development of our carrier platform has been signed off and was started on Monday 23rd June. Our multi-level solution will allow users to ship internationally in a cost effective manner. We will be offering some of the best tools on the market.

ParcelWorks ContractUsers will be able to track their shipments end to end and pre-pay duty where necessary. Auto-schedule manifest uploading will save time for the large shipper and with a whole host of integration options in the pipe line we are bringing a full retailer solution to the masses.

Delivering parcels internationally can be a logistical challenge but by using ParcelWorks you can be sure you are using international fulfilment partners who know what they are doing and are tried and tested with annual volume going through their systems well into the millions of parcels.

International parcel delivery to countries such as China, Brazil, Australia and Russia use to be only accessible via expensive couriers but at ParcelWorks we have thrown that business model out the window and our core focus is bridging that gap between a mail provider and a courier.

This allows us to offer all the track ability and reliability of a courier but at mail prices. It’s great news for b2c retailers and great news for c2c customers who just want to send a parcel to their relatives overseas with minimal fuss.

The first test parcels are due to be sent in July and we are already taking retailer enquiries. Please contact us for more details.