GeoPost Launches New Brand Identity

DPD and Interlink Express brand owner GeoPost, not only released impressive 2014 results today but it has also showcased the new branding for the “DPDgroup” in an effort to push global expansion.

Impressive Results

President of GeoPost, announced that 2014 saw the company grow its volumes by 10.7% and increase turnover by 13.3% to 4.9 billion euros, cementing its Number 2 position in the European Courier Express and Parcels (CEP) market. GeoPost is now the Number 1 operator in France, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, No. 2 in Germany and Portugal and posted the fastest growth in the UK market with revenue growth of 20% in 2014.

The New Brand

With such a strong brand as DPD it is clear that GeoPost see’s DPDgroup as its flagship brand for international parcel delivery and the B2C market.

GeoPost UK CEO Dwain McDonald said: “Our new shared visual identity sends a clear message to the market that we are one seamless group across Europe, with a drive to give customers the most convenient, simple and flexible parcel delivery service.”

“Predict was developed in the UK and has been a game-changer here, so I’m delighted to see it rolled out across Europe. Likewise, the parcel shop concept is something the group has traditionally led with in Europe, but complements our UK proposition perfectly when integrated with Predict and our in-flight delivery options”

With this brand being rolled out in 22 countries, GeoPost can expect to see some growth in brand loyalty from customers who purchase from multiple countries, especially where they get a choice of carrier at checkout.

With 77% of GeoPost’s growth occurring outside France, it clearly forms a key part of its owner’s, La Poste Group, strategy to halt decline in profits at the French mail & parcel business.