A: Please visit our contact page for details.
A: Don’t worry, you can request another at the login page or contact us and we will help you.

Shipping & Duty

A: No we do not. We use a depot in central England to handle our parcels.
A: No. We do our best to calculate duty based on information you have provided and the requirements of customs in the destination country however, the customs broker makes the final valuation on imported goods and they will invoice you (via us) for any further duty payable.
A: No you cannot. Please read our T&Cs and our restricted items lists.
A: No, we operate a no liquids policy.
A list can be found here. Please note that this is list which changes frequently and may not included ALL items restricted or prohibited. Each country has its own restrictions which may change frequently. Please ensure the items you ship comply with destination country’s customs regulations.

Payments & Website

A: Yes you can. You need to be shipping a regular number of parcels and have a good business credit record. Contact us and we can discuss the options available to you.
Yes. You can top up your balance in your account so you do not have to process a payment via the gateway every time you order.

This can be done by proceeding to Basket>Top Up in the shipping application.

A: Worldpay is our payment gateway. They process payments securely on behalf of ParcelWorks. It is likely you have used Worldpay in the past at an online retail checkout. They are well known and respected in the industry.
A: FuturePay is payment system from Worldpay that allows us to charge the customer (you) should items be misclassified or under declared and there is outstanding duty charges to paid on landing in country.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the customs in the country you are shipping to and their evaluation of your item is final. Please read our terms and conditions to ensure you understand your rights clearly.

A: We use https:// as it is becoming the industry standard and provides more secure communication with and authentication of our website and shipping application(s).

You can read more about https here.

A: It is likely you are using Internet Explorer (IE). This is common issue and we can assure you our certificate is up to date.

There are ways to fix this false warning in IE and quick google search will provide several suggestions. If you do not want to fix IE, you may click “Continue to this website (not recommended)” or alternatively use Firefox, Chrome or Safar to access our website.