Low Prices and Free Shipping Are More Likely to Draw Consumers

Consumers in a recent Forrester survey say that low prices and low delivery cost is the main to reasons that they would buy/re visit an online retailer.

92% of the top 50 e-retailers which were studied in this report offered some sort of free shipping.

53% of participants say that low shipping cost is very important and would be an important factor when choosing an online retailer.

59% of consumers say they consider the shipping costs when making online purchases. Customers stated that 43% look at reviews placed on products form other customers and 34% on the product information the retailer gives.

The retailers shipping policy was rated at 26%.

Shipping is clearly a huge factor in the customer’s decision process therefore should be clearly displayed and easy for the customer to understand; delivery options and prices should also be displayed near the beginning of the process.

78% of retailers mention their shipping details in some way on their homepage while 22 % don’t mention it at all.

Forresters shipping analysis found averages in which customers would have to spend before qualify for free shipping these are as follows:

• Electronics $30
• Personal care products $25
• Mass merchants $33
• Office supplies and books $43
• Department stores $56