Shipping Costs Are Very Important To Customers


Consumers all agree that shipping costs are a key aspect of online shopping; there is plenty of room for improvement on delivery prices this would make it more appealing to online shoppers. The results from a report done by comScore show that consumers find the pricing of shipping almost as important as the price of the product. This report also shows that customers are more likely to come back to the same retailer if they offer free or flat rate shipping deals over special promotional deals. The percentages are as follows; 54% of customers returned to sites offering free or flat rate shipping deals and 36% returned for a discount and 11% returned who had coupon deals. According to this report 42% of consumers said they wanted to see an improvement on returns/exchanges, another improvement consumers indicated at was product variety and online tracking which both had 38%.

The report showed us that even though customers rate the free/flat rate above average in satisfaction it is valued below average in importance whilst returns/exchanges is classed below average in satisfaction however above in importance. This shows that it is very important to have a good process for both delivery and returns to ensure that all your customers needs are met.

Customer recommendations concerning free shipping.

Free shipping is a great way to get both existing customers and new customers to visit the site. 63%of customers said free shipping had led them to a recommended retailer. Shipping has led to more recommendations from customers than any other, free returns only getting 29% and the ease of returns getting 28%.

Shipping charges can cost retailers.

Shipping charges must be made clear near the beginning of the purchase as 40% of customers abandoned their shopping basket when shown the delivery charge to late in the transaction. 55% of customers also abandon their shopping basket due to the delivery charge making the overall purchase price to high.

Among all options delivery charges topped the list at 73% of customers wanting to know the charges clearly at checkout. Delivery information beat 60% for delivery date/time and 56% for options of payment. This information is based on a study from the e-tailing group done in 2011.

Return policies are also a key factor.

Data gathered from comScore reveals that 3 in 5 customers have returned a product in which they bought online, because of this its no surprise that 63% of customers look into the retailers return policy before placing an order. Retailers who offer a lenient and easy to understand return policy are more likely to have customers order further products and recommend the site. Customers at 35% say they would leave a retailer due to a complicated return policy.

Key findings

• 74% of customers rate the importance of free/discounted delivery.
• 83% rated they looked for ease at checkout.
• 82% wanted more variety of brands.
• Consumers on average are willing to wait for purchases between 4-5 or 6-7 days.
• Customers at a value of 1 to 4 leave their shopping basket due to no delivery date being provided.
• Economy delivery is the most expected at 78% and the most chosen at 67%.
• Customers said that tracking is an important factor to them with email or text being the most popular form of correspondence at 45%.
• 62 % of customers prefer the return label to be within the parcel, with 61% liking the option of print your own return label.
• The most common complaints from customers are having to pay for return shipping at 66% and having to pay for a restocking fee at 43%.